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Get Back to Why You Got Into Healthcare:
Helping Patients.


A leading cause of nurse burnout is the time spent performing non-patient care activities. A constant onslaught of paperwork, staff meetings, and chasing down physicians and colleagues prevents nurses from doing what they got into healthcare to do: help patients. Halo's Director of Nursing Informatics, Allison Morin, states it well: “I didn’t get into healthcare to spend 35% of my time charting.” Halo's clinical workflows are designed to improve patient care with faster communication and collaboration. See how below.

Halo At Work

Ditch the tool belt!

Use one device for secure messaging, voice communication, critical alerts and access to on-call schedules and teams across your entire system.

Stop wasting time chasing down colleagues

Recover time lost to inefficient communication and get back to why you got into healthcare… Helping patients.

Place voice calls with confidence

Halo Voice integrates with your system's VoIP service, so nurses can send and receive their calls with total reliability on a single device. Learn about Voice capabilities.

Know who is on call

Trash outdated and inaccurate paper on-call schedules. Have the confidence to know you can reach any role in any area of service, across all facilities in your system when you need them. Check out Halo Schedules for more info.

Send urgent messages worry-free

Status indicators clearly display when messages have been Sent, Delivered and Read. Instead of wasting time waiting for a callback, check the message status and move on to your next activity. Learn how Halo Messaging works.

Communicate What Matters

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