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Industry Insight

Not Your Mother’s Communication Platform

It’s no secret that today’s healthcare organizations continue to struggle with outdated and inefficient communication technologies. Antiquated tools jeopardize patient safety, hamper productivity and workflows, and reduce revenue through patient leakage, readmissions and increased lengths of stay.

Overcoming these patient care and efficiency challenges requires physicians, nurses and other staff to have real-time access to information and collaboration regardless of their physical location. That accessibility must extend beyond phone calls to include secure messaging, schedule management, voice technology, and alert management collaboration tools.

The concept of real-time communication and collaboration is much different than the pieced-together approach many healthcare organizations take today, using non-integrated vendors whose systems only cover certain aspects of clinical communication, such as messaging or mobilized alerts.

Today, hospitals have more options than ever for improving clinical communication and care collaboration. But choosing the best platform from the sea of options can be a challenge. Download Insights