Case Study

Pager Replacement in 3 Months

How St. Joseph Healthcare Went Pager-Free in Three Months

Spotlight: Hospitalists

Health System: Covenant Health – a leading Catholic, not-for-profit health system serving a six-state region

Key Results:

  • Eliminated pagers for all in-hospital communication
  • Improved workflow efficiency and patient safety
  • Reduced delays in patient care

The beep, beep, beep of pagers is a thing of the past at St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor, Maine. But it’s not just the noise level that has been improved. Going pager-free with Halo’s clinical communication platform “Halo” has improved in-hospital patient care at this 112-bed acute-care facility.

“The hospitalists love Halo,” notes Eileen Carroll, St. Joseph telecommunications supervisor for the hospital switchboard and the after-hours call center. “We could not send patient information with the pagers, and if we did, we could only say something like ‘529B needs breakthrough pain relief.’ But who’s in 529B? They’ve got 15 patients.”

The Halo communication platform is secure and HIPAA compliant, which allows providers to send and receive text message that include complete patient information. The time savings is dramatic: With all the information provided in one message, the hospitalist can take action immediately to assist the patient. No need to call the operator for more details. No risk that there will be confusion about which patient needs care.

Transitions can be challenging for organizations, but Carroll managed the effort with a consistent message. “You are working with old-school equipment with a pager,” she emphasized. “We’re done with that. If you don’t want to be on board, we’re moving forward without you.” Download case study

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