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Halo Highlight: Nick Sack

“Halo Highlight is a series of interviews showcasing our unique and talented team members. This week, we sat down with Lead DevOps Engineer Nick Sack to learn more about his role, how he first heard about the company, and what he’d do if he won the lottery.

Tell us a little bit more about your role.

My team is responsible for automating and maintaining our platform in order to increase the velocity of our development teams. By eliminating some of the manual activities, we’re able to develop our solutions faster and more efficiently.

Is this similar to other roles you’ve had in the past?

It’s somewhat similar. Certain functions of my current role like development and automation were things I had experience with before, but other items of my day-to-day are brand new and keep me on my toes.

What’s your favorite part about working at Halo?

I love the freedom and flexibility to make decisions. All of us are empowered to branch out and try new things in order to solve a problem. At some companies, you might be restricted within a certain area based on your role. At Halo, we’re encouraged to provide insights we have to any part of the process, whether it be design, development, or anything else.

How did you first hear about the company?

Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Lindsey Daniels reached out to me on LinkedIn. There was an opening for a Database Administrator at the time. After learning more about the position and what the company did, I moved forward with the process and ultimately ended up in the role I have today. I was drawn to Halo because after seeing inefficiencies in clinical communication and disperse EHRs, the premise of a communication platform to alleviate those issues was really cool to me.

What’s the best part about working in Columbus?

I moved to Columbus for college and ended up sticking around because of the diverse market, as well as all of the opportunities offered in a variety of different industries. Columbus has a smaller city feel with the opportunities of a larger city, especially in technology. With the number of startups and innovative technologies, you can pretty much do anything tech-wise or find a relevant user group to learn more about it.

What might other Halo team members be surprised to know about you?

I originally wanted to be a pharmacist and have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy as well.

What was the last book you’ve read?

The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy is at the top of my list right now, and I would love to spend time exploring historic cities, as well as hike in the Dolomites mountain region. My friends have been there before and rave about it! Another place I want to visit is Iceland, which may be feasible to go in the near future.

If you could learn anything new, what would you like to learn?

I would love to learn robotics. Working with a company like Boston Dynamics that focuses on building various mechanical things including animals that can run, exoskeletons for those who are paralyzed, etc. would be fun and enjoyable for me.

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would by?

I’d buy enough plan, train, and boat tickets to visit and explore every country in the world.

What’s your go-to cup of coffee?

Ice coffee with almond milk from Starbucks.

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