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Day in the Life: Sean Silver

Senior Software Engineer Sean Silver worked in a plethora of different industries before starting at Halo last year. From working for the government and insurance industry to online retail, his expertise was applicable to a variety of settings. However, it was a conversation with his wife that encouraged him to seek opportunities in healthcare.

“My wife is a primary care doctor, and she came home saying that she saved a life today. It made me reflect on my current role and I couldn’t help but think that all I did that day was write some code,” says Sean.

Sean then talked to a recruiter and was impressed by Halo’s mission, vision, and products. He mentions that he and his team may not be working directly alongside industry professionals at these health systems, but their projects have an impact and provide a true purpose for health care professionals and patients.

Similar to his team members, Sean enjoys receiving feedback from Halo’s end users. He especially appreciates hearing how much a user loves using the application and how much it makes a difference in their health organization.

“I don’t feel like I’m a cog on the wheel but rather an essential piece. There’s a sense of ownership, and our product completely affects people in a good way,” says Sean.

However, Sean does occasionally encounter a few challenges. His team of 30 individuals supports over 200 leading healthcare organizations across the country. While they all work closely and collaboratively to provide innovative solutions, there are certain features that constantly need to be revamped. Sean and his team ensure that they are mindful of any changes they make, as these modifications can alter users in a fundamental way.

Although they focus on their own tasks, there is ample collaboration within the development, QA (quality assurance), and product teams. Sean mentions that there are times when team members are focused and “heads-down,” but teamwork is an essential aspect of their workday. Brainstorming sessions across all areas get together to ask questions, get feedback, and generate ideas.

Sean describes, “You’ll find a lot of us concentrating and working ‘heads-down’ at our desks, but we have spurts of movement throughout the day. Whether asking each other directly or firing off notes, everyone always asks each other for their perspective. There are no barriers between the teams, and the atmosphere is very open.”

When asked if he had any advice for those wanting to join this field, Sean mentions the importance of continuously learning and keeping an open mind. He also advised that while technical roles have the reputation of high salaries, focusing on this fact alone can lead to burnout.

“It’s all logic and thought, and if you don’t have the passion for what you’re doing, it can be even more taxing and mentally challenging.”

As Sean reflects on his work with the company so far, he says, “It’s funny. By working at Halo, I can also say that I saved a life today! We’re helping healthcare professionals provide better patient care. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

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