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Do you know
The Most Interesting Nurse™
in the World?

Welcome to The Most Interesting Nurse™ in the World Contest

Our DNA at Halo is made up by our founders’ and colleagues’ clinical backgrounds, and we understand at an intimate level how vital nurses are to the care of their patients – both clinically and emotionally. We wanted a way to give back to this community that makes up a significant portion of Halo’s user base.

The challenge we faced: There are already many great organizations that also understand this and provide deserving recognition to outstanding nurses.

So, we went off the beaten path a bit to offer another channel of recognition – for The Most Interesting Nurse in the World. To no one’s surprise - nursing, as a profession, takes up a significant amount of bandwidth in each nurse’s daily life. That got us thinking… How can nurses juggle such a demanding and challenging career with outside obligations like their family, continuing education, and even their personal hobbies or interests? Through the Most Interesting Nurse in the World contest, we’d like to identify and recognize those who are not only great care givers, but also find that balance and do it in a way that is… Interesting.

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  • Nominees cannot nominate themselves.
  • Nominee must be actively employed as nurse by US-based healthcare organization.

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Meet Halo’s Most Interesting Nurse in the World.

Nominate YOUR Most Interesting Nurse and Win!

They could win a $5,000 all-inclusive vacation! 
You could win a $250 Amazon gift card!

Over the next month we'll collect submissions before narrowing the field down to finalists. Whoever nominates the winner of this year's contest will receive a $250 Amazon gift card and the finalists will each receive a $500 Amazon gift card. See contest rules.

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Print out this flyer and share around your workplace so others can nominate nurses who deserve to be recognized!