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Time is Precious

HiMSS 2019
February 11 - 15

Join us at HiMSS to learn how to improve your ROI working with one clinical communications partner who can support your health system's needs. Schedule an appointment, view our presentations, and join us for happy hour!

Booth Events

Tuesday, February 12

1pm      Taking the Road Less Traveled: Buyer Journey vs. Customer Journey
Find out how the Customer Journey clearly defines the requirements and structure for a new communication platform project.

2pm      What, Me Worry? Putting Critical Systems in the Cloud
Discover why more health organizations are moving from on-premise solutions to the cloud.

3-5pm   Happy Hour

Wednesday, February 13

1pm      How Is Your Health System Really Communicating?
Learn how to integrate the most important systems with a communication platform to improve patient care and make better business decisions.

2pm        Strategy of an Enterprise Mobility Implementation
Creating a strategy and including the right team from the beginning makes all the difference.

3-5pm   Happy Hour

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