HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Application for Healthcare

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Nearly 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunications during patient transfers. How can health systems fix this gap in communication?"

Keep PHI safe with secure, HIPAA compliant texting

Patient-related care is the #1 reason clinicians text on the job. While helping to improve communication efficiency, basic text messages are not secure, placing hospital systems at risk for fines resulting from non-compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Halo Messaging solves that challenge by providing HIPAA compliant texting for sending and receiving PHI-related messages, keeping your clinicians (and system) free from liability.

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Provides secure texting that keeps your clinicians and system in compliance with HIPAA regulations.


Allows instant and up-to-date access to any user or group in your system via Schedules, reducing time wasted paging providers and clinical and care teams.


Automatically confirms message status (Sent/Delivered/Read), ensuring transfer of accountability.


Employs an intuitive User Interface that builds off native iOS and Android messaging applications, increasing user adoption and communication efficacy which ultimately leads to better patient care.

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