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Keep PHI Safe with Secure, HIPAA Compliant Texting

Patient-related care is the #1 reason clinicians text on the job. While helping to improve communication efficiency, basic text messages are not secure, placing hospital systems at risk for fines resulting from non-compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Halo Messaging solves that challenge by providing HIPAA compliant texting for sending and receiving PHI-related messages, keeping your clinicians (and system) free from liability.

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Key Features for Clinicians


Message Status

A HIPAA compliant text messaging app must provide features designed specifically for clinicians. With Halo Messaging, each message is time- and date-stamped and marked when it is “Sent,” “Delivered” and “Read.”

Patient Centric Messaging

Secure text messaging for healthcare requires functionality not available in standard texting apps. Through an optional integration with your system’s ADT feed, basic patient information can be attached to a message thread. This feature, specific to the Halo’s healthcare messaging app, goes beyond secure texting by removing all ambiguity regarding the subject of the message thread. Basic information includes patient name, room number, diagnoses, medications and allergies, among others.

Halo Gatekeeper Message Screening

Halo Gatekeeper

Halo Gatekeeper prevents interruption while delivering care by allowing authorized staff members to screen messages and alerts when intended recipient is unavailable. Screened messages and alerts are available to original recipient during (and after) the screening period. Gatekeeper also provides flexible administration, while requiring explicit permission from clinicians to activate functionality.

Auto-Forwarding with Sender Notification

Messages can be auto-forwarded to another user for a specified period of time. The sender will be notified of the new recipient before the message is sent, and he or she will have the ability to choose not to send the message to the new recipient. This feature is especially useful for temporary coverage while a physician is doing a procedure.



Give rich context to HIPAA compliant messaging by easily attaching high-resolution photos, videos, voice memos and documents. Halo offers the highest resolution of any secure messaging solution, which is essential for dermatology and other specialties. View any documents: Halo supports Word, PDF, Spreadsheets, and others.

Urgent Message

Halo’s HIPAA compliant texting app allows users to mark any message as “urgent.” Recipients have the ability to set different sounds for urgent messages, which ensures they know instantly when an immediate response is needed.



Create personal groups (My Staff) or spontaneous ad hoc groups by adding users to threads for HIPAA secure messaging, similar to the native functionality of iOS and Android messaging apps.

Off Duty with Emergency Override

Users can set themselves “Off Duty,” specifying the date and time they are off. Emergency Override is a feature requested by physicians that allows the sender to override the Off Duty notification in cases of true emergency and send the message anyway.


VoIP Callback Button*

When hipaa texting isn’t enough, users on both BYOD and hospital-provided devices running Android or iOS 10 or later operating systems have the capability to use the hospital VoIP network to make internal and, depending on the hospital system, external calls.

*Requires Halo Voice to place VoIP call, otherwise it will use cell service.

Quick Notes

Halo Messaging makes frequently used HIPAA secure texting responses easily accessible by allowing users to select from an extensive list of pre-populated messages to facilitate quick replies. Users can also create their own customized responses.


Backup Escalation

HIPAA text messaging requires delivery redundancy for critical situations. If a recipient does not receive a message within a set period of time, the message can escalate to another user.

Physician National Database

Unlike other HIPAA compliant text messaging products, Halo Messaging features a nationwide database of all providers with an active NPI. This allows Halo users to both identify other Halo users outside of their facility and invite non-users to download Halo to their smartphone, facilitating HIPAA compliant secure text messaging across organizations in the local and national provider community. For HIPAA compliant communication, all users invited by a physician that could receive PHI must be authenticated by Halo.


Safe Text

Traditional texting puts all messages from one user under the same thread, which can be dangerous when communicating about different patients. Safe Text (a feature unavailable on other HIPAA compliant apps) gives users the option to start new threads with any recipient or continue with an older message thread.

Message Reminders

To ensure that messages are read, automatic reminder notifications are sent to message recipients for unopened messages after one, two and five minutes. Notification, email, SMS, or voicemail reminders are available. Additionally, senders of messages can be notified if their messages have not been read in a certain amount of time via Halo’s “Notify Me” feature.


Mute Threads

Users have the ability to mute threads where message notifications have become a distraction. This feature will only mute the audible new message notification; messages will still be received, badge count will increase, and the “unread” notification dot will still appear. This feature is permission-based by the system’s Halo administration team.

Org Screen

A customizable Org Screen serves as an organization’s mobile portal. It contains the directory, provider list, staff list, call schedules, newsletters, surveys, or anything else an organization wants to make available.


Connectivity Meter

HIPAA messaging requires constant reliability, and with Halo Messaging, that reliability is assured by allowing verification of connectivity on both the Settings and Org pages.

Voice Command

Voice Command allows the use of Siri or Google Now for voice dictation. This feature can be disabled if an organization so desires.


Preview Recipients

Preview recipients for messages during message composition. You'll know if they are off-duty, forwarding messages, and so on. Available in recipient bubble for an individual, Personal Group, Service, Clinical Team or Critical Team.

Halo Notifier

The notifier pops up on the web client when a user has a new message. It works best with Single Sign-On solutions and dedicated workstations.


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