Halo is a secure and scalable platform for enterprise level clinical collaboration, allowing users to easily communicate with exactly the right people at the right time, anywhere.

Halo Messaging

Providing secure messaging that keeps your system in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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Halo Voice

Leverage the cloud to enable VoIP calling inside and outside healthcare systems, regardless of a user's location with Halo Voice.

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Halo Integrations

Halo partners with your team to mobilize only the the most critical applications.

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Halo Schedules

Halo Schedules acts as the single source of truth for your system's on-call schedules, and facilitates role-based communication.

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Halo Patient Coordinator

Halo Patient Coordinator gives doctors and nurses the ability to focus mobile and collaborative care around each individual patient.

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Halo helped us increase the communication between physicians and nurses. If people don’t use the system, they will be left out of a lot of communication."

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